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Discrepancy Sheet

Silverball Madness in Las Vegas

Posted by Clark Novak on April 8, 2015

Those of us of a certain age fondly remember entertainment from the pre-computer days, a time when amusement parks, convenience stores and other entertainment establishments did not have video games, computerized entertainment centers or full-wall videos – no, we had pinball: bright, flashing, noisy, shiny electro-mechanical pinball machines. Magic devices that consumed both hours and quarters like a pro wrestler consumes breakfast; many of us spent too much time to count in front of these machines, until our empty stomachs, stiff legs or sore hands commanded us to quit.

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Back to Nature – Vegas Style

Posted by Tom Vernon on April 8, 2015

Take a break from the turmoil of NAB at the nearby Xeric Gardens of UNLV, where cactus and native animals thriveThe NAB show – six days of people-packed, full-tilt multimedia mayhem that takes sensory overload to the next level. If this annual experience leaves you feeling a bit shell-shocked, relief may be closer than you think. The Donald H. Baepler Xeric Garden at UNLV isn't on any of the tour maps, but offers a quiet commute with nature in the midst of the turmoil that is Las Vegas.

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Quick! To the Fallout Shelter!

Posted by Jim Kuzman on March 25, 2015

National Atomic Testing MuseumAsk anyone what they think of first when they hear “Las Vegas” and they’re likely to mention the retina-searing lights of the famous Vegas strip, the dazzling casinos, the over-the-top luxury hotels, the glitzy shows, and if they’re old enough, maybe even the Rat Pack at The Sands.

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Stromberg Carlson and Sony clock radios

Posted by Tom Vernon on March 25, 2015

Stromberg-Carlson clock radioThis installment of Found in the Attic is a twofer. It features a genre of consumer electronics that is rapidly disappearing from the store shelves: the clock radio. As millennials enter the consumer market in larger numbers, sales of clock radios decline. Why? They use the alarm function built into their smartphones, and have no need or interest in purchasing an additional item.

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Found in the Attic: McMartin TR-66 FM-SCA receiver

Posted by Tom Vernon on March 4, 2015

McMartin TR-66 FM-SCA receiverBroadcasting, by its very definition, means using an RF signal to reach as large an audience as possible. So the opposite of broadcasting is narrowcasting, targeting a small, niche of the population. In the Internet age, with web streams and podcasts, it’s easy to reach out to a handful of people scattered across the globe. Just twenty short years ago, narrowcasting to a small audience was a much more involved affair. This month's Found in the Attic examines a 1960s-vintage McMartin TR-66 FM-SCA receiver, and the related technology of FM subcarriers.

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