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If It's Too Loud, You're Too Old

Posted by Clark Novak on May 31, 2011 5:10:00 PM

"Being loud is not the problem. It's how you get loud that's the issue."

There have been lots of proclamations lately about how "the loudness wars are over." Respectfully, we think that's a big crock. Sure, everyone says that with the advent of HD Radio, loudness isn't an issue anymore - but just scan up and down the dial in any radio market worth its salt and your ears will tell you instantly how programmers (and engineers) really feel. No wonder our new Omnia.11 is in such demand.

Of course, loudness without clarity means nothing. So, at the request of Barry Mishkind, the architects of Omnia.11 -- Frank Foti and Cornelius Gould -- have written a paper explaining their approach to developing what some have been calling "the ultimate audio processor," and how it is that Omnia.11 achieves stunning smoothness and, at the same time, compelling loudness, all without breaking a sweat (or your mod monitor). 


"Omnia Turns It Up to 11" does a great job of explaining exactly what perceptual loudness is, why it matters, why IMD shows up, and how Omnia.11 gets rid of it. It's a great, fast read.

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