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iQ a No Brainer for WMHX

Posted by Shane Toven on March 4, 2015

Chris TarrEngineer Chris Tarr is no stranger to the industry – known to some as the “Ninjaneer” for his ability to swoop into a station and quickly get to the bottom of a problem at all hours of the day and night, Chris has been tackling the engineering challenges of Wisconsin radio stations in the Madison and Milwaukee markets (among others) for a number of years.

We had a chance to talk with Chris about a few of his past projects, and his most recent project installing an Axia iQ console and other hardware for WMHX at Entercom’s Madison station cluster.

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Stay CALM and Listen in Comfort

Posted by Dave Sarkies on January 21, 2015

DaystarWhen Daystar Television needed to ensure compliance with the CALM Act, they considered a number of options. Following an extensive search, Daystar found a product that not only resolved any CALM Act compliance concerns, but also provided consistent audio levels across the board, resulting in a better experience for viewers.

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Radio Oberland Moves into the Digital Age

Posted by Tom Vernon on December 10, 2014

Axia ConsoleAt the stroke of midnight on November 3rd, Radio Oberland moderators Theresa Pritschow and Simon Fritzenschaf signed off for the last time from the station's home for 22 years at Marienplatz 17. There were tears and some sadness, but also anticipation of a brighter future. The station's original analog equipment was showing its age, and it was time for the local broadcaster to move to a new location and join the digital age.

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Zephyrs, Z/IPs & Axia Audio Integration on Polish Radio

Posted by Piotr Kubacki on December 3, 2014

Piotr KubackiAs General Manager of Magnetic Media, Polish distributor for Axia, Telos, and Omnia, Piotr Kubacki has his finger on the pulse of Poland's radio scene. As such, we were keen to hear from Piotr recently regarding the implementation of Axia networks and other Telos Alliance gear at broadcast facilities across Poland.

Agora Radio Group was the first Axia user in Poland, with their first Axia studio built in late 2007. Over time, Agora slowly built their entire nationwide infrastructure on Axia, including studios in cities across Poland. Major studios are now connected via Zephyr iPorts, providing multiple, independent audio channels in both directions.

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Video Production House Tames Audio with Linear Acoustic

Posted by Steve Ye on November 12, 2014

Steve YeIt’s common knowledge in the television industry today that the CALM Act has had a significant impact on broadcasters who now have to pay very close attention to audio levels. But compliance regulations have reinforced the importance of good audio to content creators and production houses as well.

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