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All for One, Won For All! Frank Foti Congratulates Cleveland Cavs! (Video & Slideshow)

Posted by Frank Foti on June 23, 2016

Just as Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” asks Toto if they're still in Kansas, I’ve been wondering if our Cavaliers Championship has been just that—a dream. Well Dorothy…


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Ed-gineering with Axia

Posted by Dave Sarkies on June 15, 2016

It was the typical FM studio layout of the day, Ed Bukont explains. Air, Production, News, and Tech Room all clustered at one end of the second floor of a two story office building. “I built the original facility at WSMD Star 98.3 FM in approximately 1988." Three stations, under many hands, have been added in the meantime. "At some point, as the situation of the aggregate plant became untenable, someone suggested calling the guy who built the original place.”

Ed did a site evaluation and found the production room had been cannibalized to keep station 2 operating, and stations 3 and 4 were using a witch’s brew of equipment, some of which he had been partially involved in the installation of. Meantime, the rack room, which had grown from two to four (now six) racks, had suffered, in Ed’s words, some very unfortunate feats of engineering.

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Universal Love for Telos & Axia

Posted by Tom Vernon on June 8, 2016

Bob Page may have the best radio job ever. Working for Universal Orlando Resort, he is the radio broadcast specialist who interfaces with station personnel who are broadcasting from Universal Studios Radio Broadcast Center. Universal Orlando Resort uses this facility as another vehicle for promotion. Stations come to the resort and describe the beautiful surroundings, rides, and attractions to the home audience.

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VR Comes to Broadcasting

Posted by Tom Vernon on June 2, 2016

Virtual Reality, or VR, was one of the hot topics at the recent CES and NAB shows in Las Vegas. The technology began to develop in the early ‘90s, when everyone was sporting those funny goggles. The novelty quickly wore off, and VR fell off the radar. Development continued however, and 2016 may be the year it finally reaches critical mass. No one is certain what the most popular applications for this new medium will be, but broadcasters are carving out a piece of the VR pie for themselves.

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All About Adaptive Audio Streaming

Posted by Kirk Harnack on May 25, 2016

Streaming for broadcast is a hot topic right now. Consumer convenience prompted online video services such as YouTube and Netflix to offer Adaptive Multirate Video Streaming, and audio-only streaming providers—especially radio stations—are just recently able to offer the same convenience to their online listeners. Adaptive streaming is actually simple and inexpensive to implement, but it is a bit different from traditional online streaming. Here, we do a Q&A with Telos Alliance Director of Streaming Ioan Rus to help define the tech behind Adaptive Streaming and illustrate how both broadcasters and listeners come out ahead with Adaptive.

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