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All About Adaptive Audio Streaming

Posted by Kirk Harnack on May 25, 2016

Streaming for broadcast is a hot topic right now. Consumer convenience prompted online video services such as YouTube and Netflix to offer Adaptive Multirate Video Streaming, and audio-only streaming providers—especially radio stations—are just recently able to offer the same convenience to their online listeners. Adaptive streaming is actually simple and inexpensive to implement, but it is a bit different from traditional online streaming. Here, we do a Q&A with Telos Alliance Director of Streaming Ioan Rus to help define the tech behind Adaptive Streaming and illustrate how both broadcasters and listeners come out ahead with Adaptive.

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Topics: Streaming Audio

Audio Processing as a Weapon

Posted by Dave Sarkies on May 18, 2016

One of the newest members of the Telos Alliance family is Brian Kerkan, who came on board in March as North American Manager for Radio Processing Sales. Brian brings with him a background in broadcast engineering in both radio and television, including as Director of Engineering for Saga Communications, and a strategic approach to audio processing, his primary area of expertise. In his new role he will provide guidance to clients looking to get the most out of their Omnia Audio processors.

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Topics: Audio Processing

Beyond 8x2: Axia xNode Matrix Mixer Launches!

Posted by Krissy Rushing on May 17, 2016

Go beyond the numbers with the Axia xNode Matrix Mixer, available now via the latest completely free v2.0 software update. This powerful new feature unlocks endless mixing flexibility and allows broadcast engineers to use their Axia xNodes to create mixes without the need for a dedicated studio mixer / switching system. Here, we caught up with Product Manager Milos Nemcik to get the DL . . .  

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Topics: Axia Audio, matrix mixer

Hardware Versus Software Streaming: Which Is Right for Your Facility?

Posted by Ioan Rus on May 11, 2016

One of the primary questions for broadcasters exploring a streaming solution early on, is: Do I go with a software-only product, a dedicated card, or a hardware appliance?

Dedicated Cards: No Way!

First off, I don't recommend dedicated cards. These are cards that you install in your PC and they provide some hardware-assisted audio processing or encoding. While they may serve a purpose for certain applications, they are often a hassle to maintain. As OS versions change, keeping drivers up to date can be a pain. And with fast multi-core CPUs found in modern PCs, dedicated cards are just not needed anymore. Enough said.

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Topics: Streaming Audio

Good Things Come in 3.0

Posted by Dave Sarkies on May 10, 2016

Cornelius GouldSince the introduction of Omnia.11 v 3.0 and G-Force at NAB 2016, there's been a lot of chatter - and a little confusion - in the industry as to the list of enhancements included in these packages. So perhaps we need to clarify what’s going on. For starters, it's that word - packages; Omnia.11 v 3.0 and G-Force are two distinct items. To help clear things up, we went right to the man behind both v 3.0 and G-Force, Telos Alliance Senior Algorithm Developer Cornelius Gould.

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