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Plenty of Reasons to Love Axia for Florida's WFCF

Posted by Dave Sarkies on June 17, 2015

WFCF - Abby Fuhrer & A.J. FrazierRadio veteran Dan McCook is Station Manager at WFCF - Radio with a Reason - at Florida's Flagler College, with studios in historic St. Augustine - quite the unique setting for a modern broadcast facility. "We have our own little radio station on the first floor of a building in middle of the historic district," says Dan. "We have horse and carriages going by the window all day long and it looks like we live in the 1700s!"

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Barcelona FM

Posted by Tom Vernon on May 27, 2015

Barcelona FMAs the second largest city in Spain, Barcelona is known for its outdoor markets, restaurants, shops, museums, and churches, while the beaches the city was built upon provide sun and relaxation during the long periods of agreeably warm weather.

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Deja Vu All Over Again: Paralleling Streaming with the Growth of FM

Posted by Denny Sanders on May 13, 2015

HH_ScottAs someone who was involved in the programming and management of FM radio stations as early as the late 1960s, I can tell you that history is repeating itself right now… Almost precisely to the event.

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Linear Acoustic®: Keeping You in Compliance

Posted by Dave Sarkies on April 29, 2015

Ken TankelNew FCC rules concerning how television broadcasters provide local emergency information to the vision-impaired went into effect this year, and TV engineers need to ensure their facilities are in compliance. Fortunately, the Linear Acoustic® AERO.100™ / AERO.1000™ / AERO.2000™ series of loudness managers may offer a solution for some broadcasters.

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iQ a No Brainer for WMHX

Posted by Shane Toven on March 4, 2015

Chris TarrEngineer Chris Tarr is no stranger to the industry – known to some as the “Ninjaneer” for his ability to swoop into a station and quickly get to the bottom of a problem at all hours of the day and night, Chris has been tackling the engineering challenges of Wisconsin radio stations in the Madison and Milwaukee markets (among others) for a number of years.

We had a chance to talk with Chris about a few of his past projects, and his most recent project installing an Axia iQ console and other hardware for WMHX at Entercom’s Madison station cluster.

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