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AoIP in a Nutshell

Posted by Tom Vernon on January 28, 2016

KHUBIf you travel to Fremont, Nebraska and tour the studios of Walnut Radio's KHUB 1340 AM and KFMT 105.5 FM, you won't see very much equipment; just a console, three computer screens, and a few microphones in each room. But that's a good thing. Chief Engineer Tom Russell designed it that way for several reasons. “It gives the studios a clean look, it eliminates fan noise and is just easier for our operators to work in.” He adds that all the stations' programming comes from automation, voice tracking, or live announcements.

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Topics: Studio Technology

The Full Scope of Podcasting

Posted by Tom Vernon on January 20, 2016

Scott SingpielMention 'podcasting' and most people conjure up images of individuals broadcasting from closet studios with makeshift equipment. That impression is changing as this medium is maturing and getting mainstreamed. More organizations are seeing the value of using podcasts as a form of content marketing to talk to customers one on one. As a result, many podcasts are taking on a more professional polish.

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Axia Behind the Cellar Door

Posted by Dave Sarkies on January 13, 2016

Dan OveryDan Overy is Group Technical Director for Celador, a U.K. entertainment company that made a name for itself with the hit TV game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire? The company produced the original British version of the franchise from 1998-2007, and had major success again in 2009 with another millionaire-themed production, the award-winning film Slumdog Millionaire.

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Newfound Simplicity with Axia, AoIP at Canada’s Newcap

Posted by Dave Sarkies on January 6, 2016

Shawn BashaCopper wire is expensive, so when Shawn Basha - Newcap Radio's Director of Engineering in the Canadian province of Newfoundland & Labrador - removed thousands of feet of the stuff, he could have made a killing on eBay. How did he excise all that wiring infrastructure and make operations more efficient? With a little help from Axia in what was quite a substantial overhaul of wiring and equipment alike.

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POWER101 Goes Digital with Axia iQ & AoIP

Posted by Dave Sarkies on December 16, 2015

Golden Oldies Hit Radio - POWER101Sean Martin may like to joke about holding the title of 'Head Tea Boy' at POWER101 in England's Exeter / Devon region, but as Director of Business Development for Talk Productions Ltd (POWER101's parent company), he's got his hands in just about everything at the area's coolest local broadcast station.

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