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Tejas Broadcasting Pours on the Hot Sauce

Posted by Tom Vernon on Mar 6, 2014 8:54:55 AM

Tejas BroadcastingProcessing by Omnia spices up the airwaves

Tejas Broadcasting Ltd. is committed to Omnia audio processors. The guy behind it all is Director of Engineering Mark Earle. Working from company HQ (located in the Corpus Christi, Texas area), Mark manages engineering for all of Tejas’ stations in Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana.

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It’s High-Octane Audio for Motor Racing Network

Posted by Tom Vernon on Feb 20, 2014 9:23:00 AM

Motor Racing NetworkAs the “Voice of NASCAR,” the Motor Racing Network (MRN) is the principal radio broadcasting operation of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. They’ve got more than a few victory laps in their record books: Since MRN’s first broadcast – the 1970 Daytona 500 – they’ve aired hundreds, if not thousands of races. And not just the premiere events of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series - but the NASCAR Nationwide Series and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series races as well.

Doug Watson is the Chief Engineer for MRN, and he and his crew make the technical end of the broadcasts happen. Up until last year, MRN used two large trailers and one smaller trailer with analog equipment, but Doug decided it was time to modernize the operations.

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Audio Processing: Your Ears vs. Specs and Features

Posted by Denny Sanders on Feb 25, 2013 4:45:00 PM

I once heard a story regarding a certain ski team during one of the Olympic Games. Not sure if it is true or not, but it went something like this: This team was determined to be the first ski team from their country to bring home some medals. They studied every book about skiing. They read up on the proper techniques, equipment, stance, timing - everything.  Later they practiced on simulators. On the flight to the Olympic Games they were already counting their medals. Only one problem: They never actually skied on an Olympic course before! They hardly skied at all on any course.

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Is your AM Audio Quality Lost in Translation?

Posted by Tom Vernon on Jan 10, 2012 2:11:00 PM

Omnia can help

Our US readers may have noticed recently a number of AM stations filing for and obtaining translators to help boost signal coverage. Maybe you've even applied for one of your own. That's thanks to the FCC's Report and Order from 2009 that allowed cross-service translation (the ability for AMs to rebroadcast on an FM frequency).

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Topics: AM Radio, Audio Processing

Processing and Level Management Critical when Streaming

Posted by Denny Sanders on Jul 27, 2011 1:25:00 PM

The importance of proper processing and level management of internet streams can not be overemphasized.

Take for example a certain, highly-rated terrestrial radio station in a top 5 market whose audio stream I was fond of listening to. I say “was” because I no longer listen.


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Going FM Talk? Omnia has you covered

Posted by Clark Novak on Jun 2, 2011 4:42:00 PM

With talk programming coming to the FM band in many places - it's more essential than ever that your processing is dialed-in. At Omnia, we known that tuning for voice-only radio can be a time-consuming endeavor. That's why our processing team has been hard at work creating new FM Talk presets for the amazing Omnia.11 audio processor. They've come up with presets for News, Talk and Sports programming that give voices the richness, smoothness and authority your PD wants. In short, it's the clear, clean, loud-as-heck Omnia sound - for talk!

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