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Zeno and KPISS with Sheri Barclay

Posted by Kirk Harnack [TWiRT] on February 3, 2016

TWiRT_289Radio production and distribution in its newest forms is the world of Sheri Barclay.  She’s a producer and test engineer at Zeno Radio. Her latest project there, Zeno Live, connects hosts and listeners like never before. Plus Sheri reveals the struggles building her own Internet station that has a “storefront” location.

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Topics: Broadcast Engineering

The Xcuse Box with Dick Debartolo

Posted by Kirk Harnack [TWiRT] on January 22, 2016

TWiRT 288The Giz Wiz, Dick Debartolo, admits he’s no engineer. But he does have an eye - and ear - for fascinating devices and products. Some are useful - others, not so much. MAD magazine’s maddest writer joins Chris Tobin and me, Kirk Harnack, to ooh, ahh, and snicker at the some gizmos he found at CES.

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Topics: Broadcast Engineering

Video Special Forces with Colleen Kelly Henry

Posted by Kirk Harnack [TWiRT] on January 15, 2016

TWiRT 287Mission: Acquire and send real-time HD video and audio from a remote venue you’ve never seen before, then format and distribute it to every popular computing platform known to man. It has to work right the first time. There are no do-overs.

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Topics: Video

Music Licensing and PPM Grunge

Posted by Kirk Harnack [TWiRT] on January 12, 2016

TWiRT 286John Stephens with netcaster theroots.fm talks about music webcasters closing down due to the huge hike in music licensing costs. And Dave Anderson joins Chris Tobin and Kirk Harnack on the additional audio grunge produced by Nielsen’s new Enhance CBET PPM Encoder.  Are we driving away the audience we wish to measure?




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Topics: Music Licensing

Capturing Audio for Podcasts with Mike Phillips

Posted by Kirk Harnack [TWiRT] on December 19, 2015

TWiRT 285If it sounds sketchy, distorted, or muffled, they won’t listen. Podcasting studio guru, Mike Phillips, divulges his secrets for capturing clean, clear audio. Mics, pre-amps, consoles - what he recommends and how to use them. This is a must-watch for podcasters and any audio content creators!

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Topics: Podcasting