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Embracing Disruptive Technology

Posted by Kirk Harnack [TWiRT] on May 18, 2015

TWiRT 258When is a disruptive technology something to embrace? And when is it just a passing fad? Easy to answer in hindsight, but how can broadcast engineers determine which new technologies to recommend and invest in?  Bill Putney joins Chris Tobin and me, Kirk Harnack, for insight into disruptive technologies for radio broadcasters.

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Topics: Broadcast Engineering

Metadata Manipulation with Steve Johnston

Posted by Kirk Harnack [TWiRT] on May 15, 2015

TWiRT 257How do you push meaningful metadata to 34 FM and HD transmitter sites across a large state radio network? Gathering data input from statewide news bureaus, web sites, and live programs? Then add in EAS data for each coverage area? Steve Johnston joins us to talk about how Wisconsin Public Radio is doing all this and more.

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Topics: Broadcast Engineering

Audio Watermarking Technology Explained

Posted by Kirk Harnack [TWiRT] on May 1, 2015

TWiRT 256Audio watermarking for audience measurement (Arbitron/Nielsen PPM®) is in the broadcast industry news. Third party research is offering more detailed measurement of watermarking’s effectiveness on differing audio content. Further, this research is demonstrating that improvements in reliable watermarking detection are possible. We hear from MIT PhD, Dr. Barry Blesser, along with Geoff Steadman, President of 25-Seven Systems.

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Topics: Voltair

Oyster Radio with Bill Eaton

Posted by Kirk Harnack [TWiRT] on April 28, 2015

TWiRT 255Imagine you’re the engineer for a radio station that you really enjoy listen to. Imagine that station has a terrific reputation, with the respect of listeners, businesses, and local officials. Now add a million listeners worldwide on the Internet.  Finally, realize that this radio station is in an idyllic vacation paradise with tropical beaches and a low-key lifestyle. We’re talking about Oyster Radio and Chief Engineer Bill Eaton - in Apalachicola, Florida.

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Topics: Broadcast Engineering

Live from NAB 2015

Posted by Kirk Harnack [TWiRT] on April 22, 2015

TWiRT 254 - Live at NAB 2015!We’re live from Central Hall - the Broadcast Electronics booth - at NAB 2015! A Who’s Who cast of radio celebrities joins us including Scott Fybush, Joost Bloemen, Greg Shay, Frank Foti, Jim Backus, Joe Talbot, and Jim Roberts. And don’t miss the final 8 minutes! You won’t get fooled again!

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Topics: NAB Las Vegas