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HD Multiplex with Philipp Schmid

Posted by Kirk Harnack [TWiRT] on June 1, 2016

TWiRT 305What if you could transmit fifteen radio program channels from one FM transmitter, and receive them on existing FM-HD radios? Philipp Schmid, Research Engineer at Nautel, has been demonstrating exactly that. How does it work, and why might a broadcaster want to do this?  Philipp joins Chris Tobin and Kirk Harnack to explain.
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Topics: Broadcast Technology

Live from NAB 2016

Posted by Kirk Harnack [TWiRT] on April 26, 2016

TWiRT at NAB 2016The annual NAB Show attracts broadcasters from around the globe. We experience new technologies, shop for equipment, meet old friends, and make new acquaintances.  It’s the perfect setting for This Week in Radio Tech, as well! Chris Tobin and I had a blast meeting some great engineers, company reps, and station owners on this episode of TWiRT.

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Topics: NAB Las Vegas

LED Tower Lighting with Rodney Zeigler

Posted by Kirk Harnack [TWiRT] on February 28, 2016

LED light bulbs are finally getting useful and popular for home and business lighting.  But LED lighting has been available for broadcast and cellular towers for over 15 years.  Early models didn’t last long.  Rodney Zeigler with Nebraska Rural Radio Association joins us with his LED lighting experience spanning a decade, with good news on this efficient technology.

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Topics: LED

IP STLs: Troubleshooting Interference

Posted by Kirk Harnack [TWiRT] on February 19, 2016

Just down from a New York skyscraper rooftop, Chris Tobin talks us through troubleshooting RF interference to to some legacy 5.8 GHz radios. And Kirk Harnack shows off a new airFiber IP radio, fresh from configuration and ready for the tower.

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Topics: IP Technology

AoIP Planning Tips with Stephen Poole

Posted by Kirk Harnack [TWiRT] on February 12, 2016

We compare two different brands of Audio over IP mixing and routing systems and find - they’re pretty similar in terms of network planning and wiring. Stephen Poole of Crawford Broadcasting joins Chris Tobin and Kirk Harnack, looking at Wheatnet and Livewire+. Plus we’re discussing options for secure remote access.

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Topics: Audio over IP