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Under the Hood

Shay: Manufacturers Plugged In to AES67

Posted by Dave Sarkies on January 20, 2016

Greg Shay

The Audio Engineering Society held its second annual Plugfest this past November at NPR studios in Washington, with nearly a dozen manufacturers in attendance, each working toward the goal of audio interoperability. Telos Alliance Chief Science Officer Greg Shay was on hand, and says despite the attendees being competitors, there was a spirit of cooperation that made the event a success.

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AoIP – The State of the Union, 2015

Posted by Clark Novak on October 28, 2015

The first Axia console display, at NAB Las Vegas.Part 1: Nerves and Networking

At 11:59 P.M. on a Sunday in April, 2002, I was sitting on the thinly carpeted floor of the NAB convention hall watching as a software guru fed lines of code into his IBM Thinkpad. The next morning, the doors of the hall would open, and our newest product – a console surface IP-connected DSP mixing engine – would be displayed for the examination of broadcasters from all over the world.

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Get the Sound YOU Want: A Programmer's Guide to Processing

Posted by Denny Sanders on October 14, 2015

Denny SandersBefore I joined The Telos Alliance fulltime in 2001, I was involved in the programming and management of some pretty successful American radio stations for almost 35 years.

Quite early on, I realized that the audio signature of a station is the final stop in the presentation process and is, in some ways, the most critical piece of the programming puzzle. This is not simply a question of aesthetics. Time and time again, TSL reduction can be traced to improper audio processing, where listener fatigue robs you of your most important listeners: The P1 long termers.

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Streaming: Then and Now

Posted by Shane Toven on September 2, 2015

DC-Streaming_HistorySo what’s it all about?

By this point, most of us have heard the stories a million times…Streaming, streaming, streaming. Some have gone so far as to suggest that IP based streaming over cellular networks will one day overtake traditional broadcast as a delivery medium. Whatever your viewpoint on that particular sentiment, there is no question that adoption of streaming by consumers has continued to increase at a staggering pace.

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AES67: The State of the Union

Posted by Clark Novak on August 14, 2015

AES67If you’ve been paying attention the past few years (and even if you haven’t!), you’ve no doubt heard about AES67, the IP-Audio networking standard adopted by the Audio Engineering Society in 2013. AES67 has been a topic of conversation nearly everywhere since it was ratified.

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Introducing the VOCO 8

Posted by Shane Toven on July 16, 2015

VOCO 8The Omnia VOCO® 8 Networked Microphone System combines 8 high performance preamplifiers with up to 8 channels of comprehensive Omnia.S4 3-band microphone processing including analog, AES, and Livewire+/AES67 Audio over IP connectivity with full IP remote control in a compact 2 rack unit high package.

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MT2000: The Audio Guru's Ultimate Multi-Tool

Posted by Dave Sarkies on February 11, 2015

Larry SchindelFor years, end-to-end system testing of digital audio in broadcast chains involved large, clunky, pieces of equipment. Bring multichannel and coded audio into the picture, and this became even more complicated. Devices such as the Dolby® DM100 made this a bit simpler, but are now obsolete.

The Linear Acoustic® MT2000™ Multichannel Bitstream Analyzer fills this void, meeting the need for an updated device capable of analyzing audio in multiple formats, carried via multiple interfaces.

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Secrets of Streaming Audio

Posted by Dave Sarkies on January 28, 2015

Ioan RusFor several years now, streaming audio has been an increasingly popular, non-traditional format for audio content. While many broadcasters stream their stations online, many in the streaming audio world do not hail from a traditional broadcast background and aren’t affiliated with terrestrial radio.

So what does that mean for streamers? Is there anything they need to pay more attention to so as to ensure the best possible audio stream? Turns out that can be a tough question to answer. And it may depend on the content. ProSTREAM designer Ioan Rus says his first question for streamers is always, “What are you trying to do?”

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Telos Alliance Leads the Way on AES67

Posted by Dave Sarkies on January 15, 2015

AES67When the Audio Engineering Society published the AES67 standard for Audio over IP in September 2013, it symbolized the culmination of years of development work by people across the broadcast industry. But for Telos, it symbolized not just an industry standard, but the realization of the vision of our founder, Steve Church. As such, we were proud to have been involved since the project’s inception, and have seen it through to fruition.

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Guide Your Audio Home with Pathfinder

Posted by Dan Bays on January 7, 2015

Axia AudioIn a recent blog post, Pathfinder developer Dan Bays gave us a little background on the history of Axia Audio's routing control system, and explained a bit about virtual routers and protocol translators along the way. Now Dan's back with a still more detail on this essential software suite, and explains how Pathfinder stacks the odds of proper routing of quality audio in your favor.

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