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Telos Alliance Leads the Way on AES67

Posted by Dave Sarkies on January 15, 2015

AES67When the Audio Engineering Society published the AES67 standard for Audio over IP in September 2013, it symbolized the culmination of years of development work by people across the broadcast industry. But for Telos, it symbolized not just an industry standard, but the realization of the vision of our founder, Steve Church. As such, we were proud to have been involved since the project’s inception, and have seen it through to fruition.

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Guide Your Audio Home with Pathfinder

Posted by Dan Bays on January 7, 2015

Axia AudioIn a recent blog post, Pathfinder developer Dan Bays gave us a little background on the history of Axia Audio's routing control system, and explained a bit about virtual routers and protocol translators along the way. Now Dan's back with a still more detail on this essential software suite, and explains how Pathfinder stacks the odds of proper routing of quality audio in your favor.

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Finding Your Path with Axia

Posted by Dan Bays on December 18, 2014

Dan BaysRemember that old Craftsman toolbox in your basement? Some of you may break it out every day or every weekend. For others you have to wipe off the dust and break out the manual when that construction task comes due. Axia has its toolbox too: the PathfinderPC Routing Control system. And after 15 years of projects our toolbox has grown to the audio version of the New Yankee Workshop.

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IT-based Broadcast Infrastructure and Audio Trends

Posted by Mike Daskalopoulos on October 15, 2014

Mike Daskalopoulos

In the last several years, the broadcast industry has begun making the rapid transition to IT-based infrastructure both for new facilities as well as upgrades of old facilities. Standards such as SMPTE 2022 have facilitated the transition from specialized rack-mounted appliances to commodity hardware that is increasingly cloud-enabled for scalability and redundancy. Encoding, decoding, packaging, switching and more are all virtualized to the point where even connectivity now is becoming largely virtualized for both traditional linear broadcast and second screen.

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With the Promise of Audio over IP (AoIP) Fully Realized, Telos Systems Helps Broadcasters Carry High Resolution Broadcasts 'Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere'

Posted by Jeff Touzeau on September 24, 2014

Greg ShayGreg Shay, Chief Science Officer at Telos, began working on Audio Over IP (AoIP) 18 years ago in order to help the professional audio community close the loop on a pressing challenge: moving large amounts of audio data more efficiently, while retaining sonic quality and integrity. After joining Telos Systems in 1996, Shay worked with Steve Church and Frank Foti of The Telos Alliance to make Audio AoIP a reality, combining the company's unique technology achievements with existing state of the art switches and networking solutions from companies like Cisco.

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Hybrid Radio: Making Your Station Look as Good as it Sounds

Posted by Tom Vernon on September 18, 2014

Hybid Radio AppJust when you thought streaming might be the last evolution in the digital journey, along comes hybrid radio which upends everything once again. This disruptive technology forces stations to rethink streaming and begin to develop implementation strategies for hybrid. The rollout is global, although it is proceeding at different stages throughout the world. Hybrid radio works with FM, DAB, DAB+, DMB, DRM, DRM+ and HD.

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The Nuts and Bolts of Ethernet Switches: 4 Fast Tips to Make AoIP Easier

Posted by Marty Sacks on August 27, 2014

Nuts & BoltsSince Axia invented AoIP in 2003, I’ve had tons of conversations about Ethernet switches — as you might imagine! Switches are the heart of any AoIP system, so it makes sense to know a bit about them. But a lot of the language concerning Ethernet switches is fairly impenetrable (even to experienced engineers). So I thought that a post encapsulating some things I’ve learned might be useful to those of you planning your next facility.


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Punyed: Telos Alliance has Solutions for Mexico

Posted by Dave Sarkies on August 20, 2014

Juan PunyedProfessionals in Mexico have particular concerns about the audio over networks, says Juan Punyed, director of sales for Latin America and Canada for The Telos Alliance.

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Telos and Linear Acoustic: Helping Broadcasters Keep Their Eye on the Shifting Center of the Broadcast Universe

Posted by Jeff Touzeau on August 7, 2014

Tim CarrollThe television broadcast industry has become infinitely more complex during the last five years, with producers churning out more content than at any other time in history. Meanwhile, the broadcast landscape has become vast and wholly unpredictable, with consumer preferences driving when, where and how content is consumed. These changes have come upon the broadcast industry swiftly and relentlessly. Less than a decade ago, content producers could safely predict that consumers were watching the vast majority of content on television sets in their homes. But now, with an abundance of smartphones, mobile devices and apps — all of which are routinely relaying broadcast content — the lines on the playing field have changed. And they are anything but predictable.

While the beginning and endpoints of this new playing field are still somewhat discernable despite constantly evolving technical standards, broadcast mediums, consumer device and viewing preferences, the middle points and content distribution methods are murky and less defined. Even though producers are now able to express themselves using more technically advanced tools than ever before — and consumers are able to consume content more conveniently 'anytime, anyplace, anywhere' — this has put strain and uncertainty on the part the broadcasters themselves, who are less visible than the producers or consumers in the broadcast chain. These broadcasters essentially need to create and adapt new content distribution channels and working methodologies where no precedent already exists.

There is a lot at stake for broadcasters, since their role is critical to both the content producers and consumers. The Telos Alliance, and its subsidiary Linear Acoustic, has played an active and innovative role not only in helping define this new broadcast distribution landscape, but also in helping its international customer base understand and overcome the challenges it presents. Over the course of this interview, Tim Carroll, Chief Technology Officer of Telos Alliance, explains how the broader television broadcast environment has changed and how Telos and Linear Acoustic are helping customers navigate and overcome the daunting challenges that now exist.

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AoIP: It’s the ecosystem, not just the technology

Posted by Marty Sacks, VP, Axia Audio, and Kirk Harnack, VP, Telos Systems on July 23, 2014

When Steve ChurchAxia family unveiled IP-Audio, the technology which became our Axia brand, at NAB in 2002 he told everyone his vision: all broadcast equipment speaking a common language of networked control and audio, finally doing away with soldered, single-destination audio circuits and the stupefying array of connectors that accompanied them. Steve’s desire – and ours – is that all broadcast gear should interoperate. And not just operate together, but do it easily, seamlessly and without drama.

Fast-forward to 2014: our customers tell us that we’ve made a bit of progress! We’ve come to refer to this synergy, this co-operation of broadcast gear, as an ecosystem – all parts working together in harmony, with the sum of the parts being greater than the whole.

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