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Phoenix Station Declares 25-Seven PDM "Just Works"

By Tom Vernon on Apr 17, 2013 1:19:00 PM

And really, isn't that the way things ought to be?

BonnevilleKTAR - The Voice of Arizona's KTAR was not happy with the performance with their profanity delay. Due to the stations unique needs, such as to precisely sync to their TV station's audio during simulcast baseball games, Gary Smith, director of engineering, was justifiably skeptical that Program Delay Manager would be up to the task.

25-7 Program Delay ManagerWe sent Smith a unit to "test drive" and he shared the results in a recent edition of Radio World. "It just works," reports Smith. "The 25-Seven Program Delay Manager is a feature-rich box that is easy to program and easy to use."


Learn more about KTAR's application and how they are using PDM in the full article.

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