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4G Success with Telos Z/IP and ProSTREAM

By Matt Rockwell on Dec 12, 2011 12:36:00 PM

WSUM radio at the University of Wisconsin was facing the prospect of having to fork out nearly $1,000 for an Internet connection during the weekend of December 3rd in order to broadcast their own Badger football game at Lucas Oil Stadium, on their own airwaves. Naturally, they wanted to avoid this!

With some help from IT freinds at the university's Division of Information Technology, they came up with a hardware combination for their Telos Z/IP mixer and Verizon wireless connection that allowed them to do IP remotes using a 4G cell connection.

The modem was the Pantech® 4G LTE USB Modem UML290. This was configured and slotted to a Cradlepoint MBR1200 Failsafe Gigiabit N Router for Mobile Broadband. This provided 4 Ethernet jacks of local DHCP service at 10/100.

The Z/IP Mixer pulled a DHCP address over wired connection, found the Z/IP Server and connected to WSUM quite rapidly. The bandwidth ended up sitting at around 48k-64k, with a solid connection. While there is 4G service in the area, without the modem plugged into a laptop, there is no connection info available.

WSUM uses Axia consoles and networking on the studio side, so the final output from the sports stream’s Axia console is delivered at the studio to a Telos ProSTREAM. The ProSTREAM has built-in Omnia processing as well as AAC encoding. The ProSTREAM finally delivers the encoded stream to SHOUTcast DNAS streaming servers for client connection.

The success of this setup and broadcast of the Badgers' game was enough for us to invest in a service subscription for a modem and confirmed that IP remotes over 4G are indeed possible! Matt says thanks go to Telos and all who have helped WSUM along the way to finally achieving their remote freedom outside the UW Wireless Network.

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