5 Broadcast Apps You Can’t Be Without

By Clark Novak on Jul 17, 2013 12:25:00 PM

If you’re like any engineer we know, you’ve likely got a smartphone or a tablet. And you probably know that there are apps out there – hundreds of them – designed specifically for use by you. Finding them… well, that’s another story.

Herewith, five of the best broadcast apps we’ve found so far.

  1. Genelec SpeakerAngle (www.genelec.com). Available for IOS devices, this ingenious free app lets you set the angle of your speakers in stereo or Surround (up to 7.1) systems to optimally aim the soundfield at the primary listening spot. It’s dead simple to use: just put your device on top of the speaker you’re adjusting, and turn it until the angle indicator turns green. We used it first on our computer’s desktop speakers and found immediate improvement – and did we mention it’s free?
  2. Dragon Dictation (www.nuancemobilelife.com). This free app from the makers of the dictation software for your PC lets you dictate emails, SMS texts, tweets and even Facebook status updates with the press of a button. The speech recognition requires no training, and is amazingly accurate even in high-noise environments. Great for making notes or sending messages when your hands are otherwise occupied. Free for IOS devices.
  3. SignalSuite (www.faberacoustical.com). How about a pocket signal generator? Pink noise, white noise, linear or logarithmic frequency sweeps, periodic signals and tons of options for all modes. It’s a $9.99 iPhone app.
  4. Resistance Calculator 3 This free app is the modern equivalent of your old TRW dial-a-resistor card. Just pick your band colors and get your Ohms. Free for all IOS devices.
  5. DishPointer Pro (www.dishpointer.com). This is an invaluable tool for finding the right angle for your downlink station. Like some popular constellation finders, DishPointer Pro uses your device’s camera to “augment reality” by painting an azimuth line onto the sky. It’s as close to point-and-click as you can get. $19.99, but worth it, in our opinion. Available for the iPhone and Android phones.

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