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kmfm UK Goes Virtual with Omnia Enterprise 9s High-Density Virtual Audio Processing

By Bryan Shay on May 21, 2020 9:04:22 AM

Meet Marc Bakos. He's the man behind a recent update at kmfm (located in Kent, in South East England UK) to the newest audio processing solution from Telos Alliance, Omnia Enterprise 9s High Density Virtual Audio Processing Software. We chat with him about how the software is working out for him and more

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Topics: remote broadcasting, cloud audio processing, virtual audio processing, broadcast audio processing, omnia enterprise 9s

Support Through the Years

By Bryan Shay on Feb 14, 2019 2:38:59 PM

Following some recent technical issues that required a call to Telos Alliance Support, iHeart Phoenix Chief Engineer Scot McDougal had a glowing review for our 24/7 Support team. Scot, a broadcast engineer who also owns and operates McDougal Broadcast Services, surely knows his way around the rack room. But when questions arise from time to time, he knows Telos Alliance Support will rise to the occasion.

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Topics: Telos Alliance 24/7 Support

World College Radio Day 2018 - Celebrating Student Powered Broadcasting

By Bryan Shay on Oct 11, 2018 10:17:15 AM

College Radio Day, known internationally as World College Radio day, took place on Friday, October 5th this year, when hundreds of college radio stations came together once again to celebrate the unique medium of college radio. Founded in 2010 by Dr. Rob Quicke, College Radio Day harnesses the combined audience of countless thousands of college radio listeners throughout the world to draw attention to the important contributions of college radio.

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Telos Alliance Welcomes Lindsay Fogle as Trade Show Manager

By Bryan Shay on Jul 19, 2018 6:15:38 AM

Did you know that the Telos Alliance participates in more than 30 trade shows around the world every year? These shows are an essential opportunity to help customers learn about all the broadcast audio solutions we offer. We recently hired a new Trade Show Manager to coordinate these events and provide her can-do attitude and enthusiasm to make them better than ever. Learn about Linday Fogle here.

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Topics: Telos Alliance, Trade Shows

Program Delay. Reinvented and Updated.

By Bryan Shay on Feb 1, 2017 12:15:00 PM

Since its introduction, Program Delay Manager has set the bar as the best sounding and most powerful audio broadcast delay on the market. Programmers, engineers, and managers rely on PDM's advanced features, especially PD-Alert™, our patented process where two time-stamped audio files capturing what took place both on air and off air get internally archived and e-mailed to the PD (or GM, CE, or legal team) every time questionable material is “dumped.” With PD-Alert, you get an instant notification of what took place both on and off air.

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Topics: 25-Seven, Radio Profanity Delays, Program Delay Manager


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