Behind the Doors of an EM Testing lab

By Tom Vernon on Apr 9, 2012 2:02:00 PM

Inside the EM Testing Laboratory at Riga Technical University

EM Test FacilityAs everyone knows, broadcast equipment is subject to stringent electrical immunity and electromagnetic compatibility regulations. After all, you can't have EM flying willy-nilly around a radio or TV studio without causing adverse effects - either to the broadcast material, or to its human producers! International standards for EM (or RF, if you prefer) emissions are set by the IEC, and must be strictly adhered to. And although it goes without saying that manufacturers must test all equipment they produce to ensure that its EM emissions are within those standards, most folks have no idea of how this is done.

Recently, our Kirk Harnack had the opportunity to observe EM testing of the new Axia DESQ console underway at the EM Testing Lab of the Riga Technical University in Riga, Latvia. And like any inquisitive engineer would, he documented the experience for the rest of us! The video presented here takes you into the "black box" of EM testing, as Kirk walks you through the facilities, equipment and methods used to ensure that nothing unpleasant escapes that new goodie you've just unpacked.

Topics: Radio Technology, Technology

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