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Breaking BRI channels out of T-1 lines

By Clark Novak on Jun 2, 2011 4:37:00 PM

Ron Russ of SBS' Los Angeles cluster, writes: "Could someone please explain to me how multiple ISDN BRI's can be handled by one (or more) T-1's?  Right now, I have six ISDN lines and I'm looking at ways of reducing that cost."

Great question, Russ! Telos Telco maven Ted Alexander responds: "Several of our customers have used an Adtran Atlas device to break out individual bearer and data channels from a T-1 to emulate the kind of BRI line you would need to use to connect Telos Xstream and phone equipment. We do not provide this equipment from Telos, however, this link to the Adtran site will show you their equipment options. You can also call Adtran for specific recommendations."

Telos product manager Joe Talbot adds that the Eon Millenium PBX, also known as the ITT System 3100 or Cortelco Millennium, also has the capability to perform this function, but likewise recommends the Adtran Atlas as an excellent standalone solution.

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