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Busy? A Call Could Make All the Difference

By Denny Sanders on Jul 20, 2011 12:08:00 PM

One of the most common things that we hear today is how busy people are.

Engineers have several stations to try to manage, programmers have multiple formats to try to coordinate, and General Managers have to set aside time to listen to engineers and programmers complain about how busy they are.

In the middle of all of this, is gear that might not be operating to its full potential. Not malfunctioning or dead. Just not at 100%.

Since we talk processing here, let's stick with that. 

OK, you have a processor and you've played with it a bit. Maybe you've even read the manual! But just as you get going with tweaking, you have another fire. So you drop everything and address whatever has dropped into your lap.

A few days later, its back to the processor.

By now, your ears may be mush from sitting through a two hour conference call earlier in the day. But you have a time opening, so you better take it. So, its back to tweaking. And tweaking. And tweaking.

Hold it. Let's stop for a minute and catch our breath.

Just what are you looking for? Loudness? Impact? Clarity? Punch? Do you have a certain "signature sound" that you want to retain or maybe create from scratch? Are you a/b-ing your competition and trying to match them? Beat them? In what?

Let me assure you of something: There is absolutely no shame whatsoever in picking up the phone and calling one of our Omnia processing experts to help guide you through the process. And when I say "the process" I am talking about the process of defining just what you are looking for in a sonic signature and then guiding you to achieve it. You can't really get what you want out of any processor until you know what it is that you want!

Naturally, there are many defined presets to get you started (or, in may cases, finished), but there are also all kinds of little tricks that we can show you that will get you exactly to where you need to be if more refinement is necessary.  Omnia was founded by broadcasters for broadcasters so we've been in your shoes. As a matter of fact, I can't remember a single situation where, working with you as a team, we were not able to get your processing sounding exactly the way it should be.

So, don't be shy. Let's hear from you. Our Omnia processing support team is available at 216-622-0247.

The number is answered 24/7.

See, we don't sleep either!

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