How far can cables extend between Axia gear and an Ethernet switch?

By Clark Novak on Oct 28, 2013 1:59:00 PM

tape measureMichal Kolar of Multimedia Systems in the Czech Republic writes: "Our customer is asking what the maximum Ethernet CAT5E cable length is between an Axia xNode and the LAN switch. I expect it would be 100m."

Axia Support Engineer Matt Rockwell answers:

Yes,100m (328 feet) is correct. I'll also take the opportunity to point out that if you use either a PowerStation console engine, a QOR console engine (for iQ and Radius consoles) or another Cisco switch, each of these devices has or can have a gigabit SFP port in addition to the Gigabit copper port. If you use Cisco SFP adapters, you can make a network run with fiber to much greater lengths between devices. This may be an alternative if your customer needs run-length over 100m.

Topics: Axia Audio, Omnia Audio, Radio Consoles

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