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EAS and Axia

By Clark Novak on May 31, 2011 6:55:00 PM

Daniel Somes, CE at Journal Broadcast Group in Tucson, writes "What's the best way to integrate TFT EAS receivers into Axia? Do I simply connect the EAS to an audio node for insertion to the Axia system?"

Axia go-to guy Marc Johnson replies:

"There are a couple different ways you can do this. The simplest way to make the TFT EAS unit part of your STL chain. Feed the output of a node into the EAS unit and then out to the STL. The other way is to use our PathfinderPC software to monitor the unit's closures (using GPIO), or just monitor the audio from the unit using Pathfinder's audio sensing capabilities. When you receive a closure or audio, you can have Pathfinder switch your STL path from the output of a node to the TFT/EAS unit... and then back when the alert is complete. Both of these methods will work fine - it just depends on how you would like to approach it."

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