Set up Axia GPIO connections for AC and DC

By Clark Novak on Feb 12, 2014 2:07:00 PM

Laura GutknechtLaura Gutknecht, Technical Director at WSUM Radio at the University of Wisconsin, recently submitted a tip on setting up GPIO connections to work with AC and DC in a way that isolates the GPIO gear from harm.

Laura takes over from here:

wiring diagram

Our on-air lights are controlled by a 24VAC relay that won’t work directly with the Axia GPIO, so I went online and found an eight-channel relay board that is very popular with the Arduino “maker” crowd. These boards are available all over for around $10 and can be powered directly from the GPIO.


8-Channel RelayAt a little over a dollar per channel, I even bought an extra one for an unspecified future project.

Thanks Laura!

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Topics: Axia Audio, Radio Technology, Radio Engineering

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