Configuring GPIO events with the Axia iQ

By Clark Novak on Apr 9, 2012 2:19:00 PM

On Air lampRod Simon, Studio Engineer at Moody Radio in Chicago e-mails us asking, "Is there a way to turn on a light when any of the faders or audio output of the IQ is active? Since we currently are not using the recording function I thought I may use that, but it is still not automatic. I basically want a virtual GPIO mixer controlling one GPIO port."

Axia technical support recommends PathfinderPC for this. "If you don't want to use Pathfinder, then you will have to pull out every channel in a separate GPIO port and sum them together with some logic for your light. I suppose this would work but it would require 8 separate ports, basically a whole external GPIO Node. If you are willing to use Pathfinder and silence sensing, that may be a better option. You could apply one of these to your PGM output and let that be the determining qualifier for any external signaling you would like to do. This is a pretty easy application and  we would be happy to jump on a remote session with you and help to set it up."

"More information is available in the Pathfinder manual. Page 43 deals with the threshold settings and page 47 walks you through an audio based even change, which is what you are trying to do. Once you have the qualifier set up, then it is a matter of connecting a GPIO to the light and you are good-to-go."

Topics: Axia Audio, Radio Consoles

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