Telos Alliance's Greg Shay on the AES67 IP Audio Standard

By Kirk Harnack [TWiRT] on Sep 12, 2013 8:47:00 AM

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TWiRT 183Our Chief Science Officer, Greg Shay, was able to take few moments recently and join Telos' Kirk Harnack on his weekly "This Week in Radio Tech" podcast. The topic: AES67, a framework to standardize low-latency IP-Audio and provide for interoperability that was recently published by the Audio Engineering Society.

So, what will this new standard mean for users of Axia Livewire, Dante, Ravenna, and others? That's what Kirk asked Greg, and he takes the ball and runs with it. Greg describes not only how the different IP-Audio standards came to be, but how AES67 (formerly X192) will mean more good choices for IP-Audio network users.


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Topics: AES67, Audio over IP, aoip

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