As ISDN is Slowly Phased Out, IP Audio Emerges

By Dave Sarkies on Mar 12, 2014 6:03:00 PM

Barry ZateVoice Actor Barry Zate writes: “I am a user of the Telos Xstream. I love it. But [my ISP] is working hard at ditching ISDN [and] I am paying $360 a month. I am wondering if Telos has talked with [ISPs] about ISDN… I am wondering if they could offer ISDN to save the service.

Are you working on promoting the Z/IP product? It sounds like a solid alternative. ISDN is just dying here. HELP!”

Telos Alliance Sales Direct Cam Eicher responds:

Thanks for contacting Telos, Barry.

Cam Eicher

You are in the same situation as many others in the US. New ISDN services are being discontinued and existing services are getting more and more expensive. We’ve seen this trend developing over the past year or two amongst all the major telcos. We have not approached any of the internet service providers about providing (or continuing) ISDN services.

The economics behind the situation are pretty straight forward – usage is down and the cost to maintain is up. More and more the world is switching to other means of data transmission.

Telos Z/IP ONE: The Ease of IP Technology

The good news is that Telos has been kept up with this and developed the Z/IP ONE product, which seems to be just the solution you need. The Z/IP One provides a high quality audio path with very low latency between two points over a data connection. The beauty of this technology is that it will work with everything from a private managed link to a consumer grade cable modem connection, keeping in mind of course that the quality and bandwidth of these links is still important and must support the audio codec you want to use. The Z/IP is absolutely the product you will want to set your sights on!

ZIP OneAnd there is more good news – the Z/IP ONE uses less expensive hardware than the Zephyr Xstream – and has a list price of only $2095. Combine this with the savings you’ll get in trading your ISDN lines for an upgrade to your internet service and the savings compound month after month.  We’re selling Z/IP Ones to broadcasters all over the world and we're watching as IP becomes the new ISDN.

Please let us know if you have further questions, or we can help with anything else.


Cam Eicher
The Telos Alliance

Topics: IP Audio Codecs & Transceivers, Audio Engineering, ISDN

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