It’s All About the Audio Tour 2017!!

By Frank Foti on Jul 5, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Frank-DC-Headshot.jpgRecently, I had the pleasure to have lunch with a good friend, Gary Katz. If that name sounds familiar - it should - Gary produced just about all of the albums for a little ol’ musical group you may know… Steely Dan! We were comparing notes about audio in the broadcast field, as well as life in the world of recording and music producing. He expressed how it has always been critical and vital for recording engineers, producers, and even the musicians to ‘hear’ the latest and greatest in technology. This is a practice that is still very common today.

So, it got me thinking, even though Omnia is the far and away worldwide brand leader in broadcast audio processing, the same discipline applies. We need to be out on the street sharing the ‘sound’ of our offerings to the broadcast world. Just as we did twenty years ago, when was born, we’re going back to our roots, and I’m excited about it!! We’re Broadcast Audio Fanatics vanabout to kick off a tour that will make all of this possible. Very soon, the Broadcast Fanatics will be back on the road, and there’s a good chance they may be either in your town, or somewhere nearby. We are equipping the van with Omnia processors, from various generations, so it’ll be possible to demo, test drive, and listen for yourself. We’ll even bring along a low power FM transmitter for you to compare Omnia to your own on-air signal, as well as ‘others’ up and down the dial.

I can say - WITHOUT A DOUBT - when someone has the opportunity to hear Omnia processors, and compare them to ANYTHING, our sonic benefit stands out. Please don’t take my word for it, as my desire is for YOU to hear this yourself. It’s simple really, as IT’S ALL ABOUT THE AUDIO!! Nothing more, nothing less! Hearing is believing, especially today, when the marketplace is so crowded with wild claims, catch phrases, etch-a-sketch graphics, too many processing bands, and Xponential rhetoric that can be chalked up to FAKE NEWS!!

At the end of the day, audio processing isn’t about novel utility items that blink and flash, it’s about creating competitive, quality audio. That’s what your listeners hear, and that’s all that matters!! We’ll see you on down the road a bit...

Learn more about the Omnia Tour here!

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