What is IEEE BTS?

By Dave Sarkies on Sep 9, 2015 10:19:00 AM

IEEE Broadcast Technology SocietyThe 2015 IEEE Broadcast Symposium will be held next month in Orlando, Florida. The symposium is one of the premier technical conferences on broadcast technology, and this year's program offers tutorials and technical sessions, as well as the opportunity to network with broadcast engineers from across the globe. Many of these broadcast engineering experts will be on hand to present, including our own Greg Shay and Dr. Barry Blesser.

Recently we sat down for an interview with Paul Shulins of Greater Media Boston, a Broadcast Symposium committee member, to find out more about IEEE and the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society, as well more details on this year's event.

Telos: What is IEEE? More specifically, what is the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society?

Paul Shulins: The IEEE Broadcast Technology Society (BTS) is a scientific and educational organization whose purpose is to advance the theory and practice of electrical and electronic engineering as it relates to the technology of broadcasting.

Telos: What are the benefits of membership in the IEEE / BTS?

Paul: As a Society member, you will find new ideas by reading our publications and attending our local chapter meetings, workshops, and international conferences. These events also connect you with the broadcast community where you live and across the entire world.

Online access to the following via IEEE Xplore:

  • IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting 1955 Paul Shulinsto present
  • IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting (BMSB) digital library

Additional benefits included with BTS membership are:

  • IEEE BTS Member Roster
  • Print copy of the IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting
  • Print copy of the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society Newsletter
  • Huge savings on BTS conference registration
  • Savings on BTS sponsored Publications

Telos: What is the focus of the IEEE Broadcast Symposium coming up in October?

Paul: The Symposium in October presents cutting edge developments in broadcast technology. Wednesday is a tutorial day, and Thursday and Friday are both white paper presentation days, and panel discussions on both radio and TV technology. A full listing of the technical program is available on the web site:


Are there other shows or conferences coming up as well?

Yes, the bridging the gap seminars, IP Video for media professionals,  distinguished lecture programs, and the IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and broadcasting. These events are detailed on this web page:


Telos: What other types of presentations / educational programs do the IEEE / BTS offer?

Paul: There are many scholarship programs that are offered though the IEE BTS, including bridging the gap.

Telos: Our Greg Shay and Barry Blesser will be presenting at this year's show - who are some of the other presenters and what will be the focus of some of the presentations?

Paul: Yes, I am honored with chairing both the session with Greg Shay, (AES 67), and the science of PPM with Dr. Barry Blesser. This sessions that I am chairing should be very interesting. As you may realize, the topic of the Voltair and Nielson is a very hot topic, and I hope to have at least a few key engineers from Nielson to discuss the science of PPM Audience Measurement. For the TV folks, the new ATSC 3.0 Standard will be covered in depth.

Telos: Thanks Paul!

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