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Multipath? SSBSC technology may be your solution

By Clark Novak on May 1, 2012 11:22:00 AM

Recently, we were privileged to receive some interesting on-air results about our proposed alternative method of using SSBSC (Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier) as the transmission method for FM-Stereo broadcasting. The intention here is to see if SSBSC will reduce the effects of multipath within the coverage area of the broadcast signal. Our proposed method is fully compatible with existing radio receivers.

Greater Media did some on-air testing in Boston to compare the legacy DSBSC system vs. our proposed SSBSC alternative for FM-Stereo. Their chief engineer, Paul Shullins, is one of those top-of-the-line get-it guys, who'll give good thought to testing and proving a technology. What Paul did was to drive a well known multipath challenging route within the coverage area of 106.7FM, the Greater Media station there. He did something which further validates the testing, he ran video from the dashboard of his car, and captured the audio. This validates the location of the captured off-air audio.

Telos Alliance CEO Frank Foti featured these videos in a presentation at NAB 2012. They were taken from the exact same points along the route. The first one, dated November 15, 2011, is of the standard DSBSC stereo system, and the other one is taken the next day on November 16, 2011, using the SSBSC method. Watch the videos and compare the results.

What you'll observe here is not an isolated case, but the first, we know of, where someone took the time to present an easy way to compare the difference between the two stereo transmission systems.

By the way, both the Omnia.11 and the Omnia.9 have switchable SSBSC capability as a standard feature.

For a detailed explanation on the subject of SSBSC technology, click here.

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