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By The Telos Alliance Team on Nov 1, 2022 1:41:15 PM

Personalized Sound Experience Workflows - A Special Presentation

This workshop is organized by the EBU PSE group. It is held to explore personalised sound experiences production and distribution using end-to-end workflows provided by Dolby and Fraunhofer IIS.   


EBU members have started to explore and adapt NGA (Next Generation Audio) technologies for quite some time and created real-life and best-practice pilots that proof feasibility.

These include radio/audio-only, cross-media web and app implementations as well as file-based video and live production within a networked SMPTE ST-2110 environment.

NGA enables unique opportunities and features: multiple language commentaries, adaptive speech intelligibility, additional Audio Description and immersive sound. And this without the need to generate multiple mixes in parallel but to create and deliver them all in one.


In addition to respective field reports, participants will have the unique opportunity to explore this in practical and creative hands-on sessions. Questions of encoding, provisioning and delivery will be covered, too.

Please note 

  • Only EBU members can participate in the workshop.
  • Please forward this invitation to interested colleagues
  • This is a unique to explore NGA production tools and workflows
  • Developers from BBC, Dolby and Fraunhofer IIS are present - so ideas and requirements can be discussed with them
  • This is a physical presence workshop!

Who’s its for?

Creatives, Technologists, Sound engineers, Tonmeister, Producers, Infrastructure and Workflow architects, EA Domain Managers

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