Program Delay. Reinvented and Updated.

By Bryan Shay on Feb 1, 2017 12:15:00 PM

Since its introduction, Program Delay Manager has set the bar as the best sounding and most powerful audio 25-Seven PDM broadcast delay on the market. Programmers, engineers, and managers rely on PDM's advanced features, especially PD-Alert™, our patented process where two time-stamped audio files capturing what took place both on air and off air get internally archived and e-mailed to the PD (or GM, CE, or legal team) every time questionable material is “dumped.” With PD-Alert, you get an instant notification of what took place both on and off air.

New PDM v2.5.6 Update

PDM continues to evolve, particularly as broadcast plants become more IP-based. Increasingly, facilities need to delay more than just audio. PDM can delay contact closures, RS-232 serial streams, and IP data so that all can be kept in sync with program audio, even while delays are being built or collapsed. PDM has been shipping with software version 2.5.6 for a couple months, and this latest firmware is now available for download for PDMs with software modules B600 and higher.
  • The v2.5.6 update includes a variety of new features and performance enhancements. 
  • Data delays can now be sent and received over UDP packets, in addition to TCP sockets and RS-232.
  • A comprehensive Delayed Data Log can be downloaded from the web GUI, helping stations analyze data traffic through PDM.
  • New startup mode allows the choice of PDM booting up building a delay, remaining in bypass, or having an empty (0) delay.
  • Input sample rate changes are now automatically handled, and the service menu now displays the internal sample rate. 

Additionally, internal logging has been improved, and remote connection is more robust for slow clients. With more than 1,000 sold,  PDM continues to evolve with the times. Download the latest version on the PDM product page on the right-hand sidebar under "Software."

Along with all of these new features...

PDM has great sounding algorithms for time expansion and compression that don't leave artifacts for people to hear them when they are being used. PDM continues to evolve and improve. Recently we've been focused on providing data delays that are synched to the audio. While this concept has been around a long time, people tend to think of PDM as only an Audio delay.  Not so. It is also a sophisticated data delay that can delay contact closures, or IP strings, such as Now Playing song information, network cues, and more.

If you are in the business of needing profanity delay, this is the box that makes the difference in how easily and reliably you do that. This update represents a continued commitment on the part of the team behind this product to keep finding ways to make this products better for its end users.

Want to learn more?

Check out this video from 25-Seven Systems founder Geoff Steadman introducing the PDM


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