TWiRT 383 - Single Frequency Networks with Hal Kneller

By Kirk Harnack [TWiRT] on Feb 18, 2018 1:00:00 PM

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Single Frequency Networks, or SFNs: European FM broadcasters have been using them for decades. Now, US and other broadcasters around the world are extending coverage and filling in coverage holes using synchronized FM transmitters.  Hal Kneller consults SFN projects and discussed the technology and techniques.



Hal Kneller - GeoBroadcast Solutions

Show Links:
SIngle Frequency Networks for FM Radio (AES member white paper)

Single Frequency Networks in Digital Radio (free Harris white paper)

Single Frequency Networks using SynchroCast from GatesAir

Chris Tobin, IP-Solutionist
Kirk Harnack, The Telos Alliance, Delta Radio, & South Seas Broadcasting

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