Steve Church On The Air

By Clark Novak on Oct 2, 2023 7:00:00 AM

A Familiar Voice From The Past

Steve ChurchFolks reading this might know that before he launched the company that eventually became the Telos Alliance, Steve Church was a broadcaster - both an on-air personality and a radio engineer. The stations he worked for are legendary: WFMK Lansing, W4 Detroit, WFBQ Indianapolis, and WMMS Cleveland, where (in addition to being Chief Engineer) he hosted a late-night talk show called "Livewire" (name sound familiar?). And when Steve moved cross-town to WNCX, he took his show with him.

Which brings us to the point: an unexpected email detailing a found aircheck of one of Steve's "Livewire" programs on an old cassette.

"We're big radio fans," the email read, "and we publish radio airchecks on our YouTube channel because we feel it's important to document radio history. When I was barely a teenager I used to listen to (and tape) Steve Church on WNCX. We wanted to let you know that today we published one of those cassette airchecks."

We couldn't wait to hear it.

Time-travel with us as Steve discusses culture, literature, and unexplained phenomena while inviting listener call-ins. You can hear Steve's trademark deep thinking throughout this audio artifact; some of those thoughts plus his experiences putting callers on-air would lead directly to the creation of Steve's breakthrough product, the Telos 10 telephone hybrid, which was the world's first broadcast product that successfully employed adaptive DSP technology to clean up noisy POTS phone lines.

Thanks to Michael Stutz, owner of The Current Year record store in Parma, Ohio, for lovingly digitizing and informing us about this rare radio artifact.


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