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Audio Control is a Process, not a Product

By Dave Sarkies on Jun 10, 2014 4:30:00 PM

Gilbert Felix / Linear AcousticLinear Acoustic Focused on TV Audio Issues in Latin America

Gilbert Felix, Linear Acoustic Director of Sales for Latin America, spoke with media regarding the issue of television audio control at the recent SET convention in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Felix explained to the SET audience that there are a variety of difficulties with television audio in the Latin American market, as the industry has not paid close attention to this aspect of television. The primary issue is the wide range in television audio quality throughout the region. "The first thing I do when I go to a city is turn on the television and hear what is happening with the audio," Felix said. "The reality is that in Latin America there is everything from mono audio channels to DTH systems with enormous problems of loudness and huge differences in audio levels.”

He continued, noting that for those in the audio industry, "Audio control is a process, not a product. TV stations have to understand that the only way to have good levels of audio is the audio work from the start of production."

For Linear Acoustic, the next step is to transform TV broadcasts with surround 5.1 audio. Linear Acoustic is currently focusing a great deal of attention on these issues in Mexico and Brazil. “We are working with a large Mexican company to complete this process.” He adds that unfortunately, in Brazil, the process is slower, as the industry works to change the mindset of television professionals.

Felix points out that eventually everyone will need to be on board; as of late last year, Brazilian television broadcasters are required by law to adopt loudness control.

See the article on produ.com.

Topics: TV Loudness Management


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