Telos Systems ProStream: Constructing Metadata Filters

By Clark Novak on Jan 3, 2013 2:53:00 PM

John Ariosa writes from Maryland, asking:

Telos ProStream"I want to purchase a Telos Systems ProStream. We are running a [computer playout] system and just want to be sure that its metadata is compatible with the ProStream. What can you tell me about this?"

Our Mark Manolio has the answer:

ProStream comes with metadata filters for many popular systems. But even if there is currently no metadata filter for your system, we can make a custom filter for it once we have examples of its data format. We have created metadata utilities that are available for download for this purpose.


The ProStream's metadata input is listening for data on port 9000 (both TCP and UDP). ProStream's metadata selection page displays a brief description for each filter and an example of the expected format. Download the metadata utilities and use them to construct your filters:


  • MetadataCapture.exe allows you to grab the data coming from your automation system, while MetadataSend.exe allows you to send data to ProStream to test that ProStream is actually responding as expected.

  • WatchFile2Tcp.exe will help if your automation system generates a file on new metadata. Each time the file is changed, the WatchFile2Tcp will read the file and send the contents to ProStream by TCP/IP.

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