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Telos Systems' Z/IP ONE 'Push Mode:' How to make a Push

By Clark Novak on Dec 3, 2012 2:48:00 PM

HelpGabriel Alonso of Lexon SA in Madrid, Spain, writes to ask: "We have a customer who wants to send a stream to up to 6 different locations, and we know there is a mode called 'push' in the Telos Systems Z/IP ONE codecs to do that. Can you explain how?"

Our Matt Rockwell responds: "The connect string would be 'RTP:x.x.x.x:port'.  Simply enter the Z/IP ONE's 'Connect' menu and enter the RTP streams there; keep entering in additional RTP streams in the connect menu and the Z/IP ONE will 'stack connect' to the entered units. Keep in mind that, when doing this, you will need to disconnect all Z/IP ONEstreams at the same time when the 'push' is done."

Topics: Streaming Audio Processing Encoders, Telos Systems, Radio Technology


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