Telos VX: The Talkshow System Gets an Upgrade

By Clark Novak on Jun 14, 2011 5:01:00 PM

Broadcasting live from a super-secret location near you...

The engineers in our development labs are chomping at the bit to begin full-scale shipment of the award-winning new Telos VX broadcast VoIP Talkshow system - they're hammering out code as fast as they can hammer down Mountain Dew* and Fritos.

However, there are quite a few beta testing sites out there where VX itself is getting hammered - field-tested with unrelenting rigor. One of these sites - a rather large news organization whose name the lawyers forbid us to mention - wrote us this morning after putting VX on a live broadcast. It seems that the network's audio manager, when asked about the quality of VX calls on-air, mused for a moment before responding: "It sounds like a phone call. Only better."

Needless to say, our engineers are pretty pleased with this. After all, VX represents over 25 years of experience tuning, testing and tweaking DSP algorithms to obtain the clearest, cleanest caller audio possible - even from notoriously "dirty" sources like cell-phone callers. It works with POTS, ISDN and even VoIP services and supports up to 48 lines and 16 studio connections, but it's affordable enough to make fiscal sense even if you've only a few studios to outfit. Read all about VX - and while you're at it, check out The Future's Calling: Voice Over IP in the Real World (and your studios) by Telos' own Joe Talbot, which appeared in the May issue of Radio magazine.

*Diverging path: we're of the opinion that Diet Mountain Dew may just be the most useful liquid since WD-40. Maybe moreso; you can't drink WD-40. Can you?

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