Video: Omnia VOLT Audio Processing Brings

Video: Omnia VOLT Audio Processing Brings "Clarity and Punch" to Livewire Ecosystem

By Justin Gelske on Aug 10, 2021 2:41:34 PM

In our recent Behind The Sound interview, we got a chance to speak with Tom Van Gorkom. Tom has been in his role as broadcast engineer for Radio Esperanza (Hope Radio) for the last 8 years. He was recently tasked with upgrading all the equipment. After reviewing options and talking to users, he chose Axia for their mixing consoles. He continued to remodel their studios, one at a time. Eventually, for their webplayer and phone app, they went with Z/IPStream R/1 so they could feed it with Livewire and have control over the audio routing to it.

More recently, their audio processors were randomly locking up at the transmitter sites, so they decided to try out Omnia VOLT. Tom was impressed with the interface, flexibility, and clarity. Tom then implemented Omnia MPX Nodes to clear up STL distortion and overshoots, which allowed them to install the VOLT at the studio. Sure enough, it worked well, allowing them to send the processed audio to two FM stations from one VOLT fed by Livewire. Hear all about Tom's projects and decision-making in this interview.

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Z/IPStream Update: Wave Goodbye to Silverlight

Z/IPStream Update: Wave Goodbye to Silverlight

By Dave Sarkies on Jan 24, 2018 12:41:51 PM

Z/IPStream Update: Wave Goodbye to Silverlight

As a result of conversations with end users and Telos Alliance Support, as well as a few tech updates, Z/IPStream R/1 is better than ever.

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