Using a POTS Phone System with VoIP Lines

By Clark Novak on May 14, 2013 4:07:00 PM

Tim Schultz writes "A station I am doing work for just ordered an Nx6 POTS system; they also want to save some money by using a VoIP provider instead of paying the telephone company for POTS lines. I plan to purchase a multi-line (probably an 8-station) terminal adapter to convert the VoIP back into analog (FXS) lines. I'm guessing not all terminal adapters are not created equal as far as audio quality is concerned.  Are there some that you can recommend, or perhaps warn me to stay away from?"

Indeed we can, Tim. Our David Jablonski responds: "You may know that for our VX broadcast VoIP system, we recommend that customers use Patton Gateways. For VX, gateways can take a POTS line and convert it to SIP for the VX to use. But gateways work in both directions -- POTS to VoIP, and VoIP to POTS. For your application, we recommend that you consider Patton's 411x series devices. The Patton 4118/JS/EUI would convert SIP to analog and connect to FXS ports (ports to which an analog phone or fax would be connected). Connect this to your Nx6 system, and you're ready to rock."


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Topics: VoIP, POTS, Telos VX

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