TWiRT 377 - Virtualizing in 2018

By Kirk Harnack [TWiRT] on Dec 30, 2017 1:00:00 PM

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We keep running upon the subject of Virtual Radio, or Virtualizing Radio.  Chris Tobin and I imagine both good consequences and unfortunate ones as broadcasters implement more virtualization strategies.  Sure, saving money could be a motivator for virtualizing, but Chris asks, “How will you improve your broadcast product with the money saved?”  Kirk points out the increased flexibility of virtual tech allows more localism with less effort.


Show Links:

Live Webcam Stream from Kirk's Smokey Mountain Studio

ENCO1 virtualized automation playout system

Telos Alliance landing page for Virtual Radio - interviews and resources



Chris Tobin, IP-Solutionist
Kirk Harnack, The Telos Alliance, Delta Radio, & South Seas Broadcasting


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