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Vintage Toys: What did Santa leave for you?

By Tom Vernon on Dec 4, 2012 10:08:00 AM

Mattell's Matt MasonThe Sixties were a pretty magical time for those of us lucky enough to be children. Wham-O, Ideal, MonogramMarx - all purveyors of childhood gear that transported us to magical realms; made us astronauts, cowboys, perfect mommies, race car drivers, or anything else our fertile pre-teen imaginations could envision.

Wes Clark, a native of Southern California, has documented his childhood growing up in Burbank, California, and his site "Avocado Memories" features a page that reminisces about all those wonderful toys we lusted after during the Christmases of our youth. From Major Matt Mason to the Tickle Bee, they're all here, enough to send you running to eBay looking for that toy Santa never sent your way (be prepared for sticker shock if you try this). It's plenty of good memories and good fun!

Topics: Vintage Electronics


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