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What IP-Audio Studio Owners Discover after their First Installation

By Jeff McGinley on Jan 6, 2012 9:52:00 AM

Jeff McGinleyThe boxes have come and gone, as well as the integrator. The past few months have been both exciting and tedious, as you've had to not only plan and install new technology into your existing facility, but also keep up on all of the other engineering responsibilities — a challenge that every broadcast engineer can relate and sympathize with. Now you've got it, though: your first AoIP studio. So, what's next?

What engineers discover when they first dive into the AoIP world is that there’s a shift in thinking that must take place. Instead of grabbing a soldering iron to make a patch cable, or taking the punch tool to the block, one now has to turn to a computer terminal to do everything. Broadcast engineering has always been a job of ever-evolving and changing skills to learn (often with less time to do it and more responsibilities to attend to), but the good news about AoIP technology is that the learning curve is not that steep! And there are many resources to turn to for the answers. Not only is the 24/7 Support team at the Telos Alliance ready to help any time, but there are vast amounts of knowledge online. A quick Google search on AoIP results in thousands of hits!

So there is a shift in thinking, from switching from an analog style over to the digital world. However, once a person starts in on the AoIP path, things come easier overall. A Program Director wants a new remote line added to the console? Sure, no problem! With a few keystrokes and mouse clicks, you’ve done it — a whole lot quicker and easier than the old way of pulling cables, punching them down, soldering connectors and, finally, finding an empty position on the console rotary selector. With AoIP, the lines that used to separate broadcast engineering and IT now blur into one big column of “Wow! That was easy.”

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