Connecting Zephyr XStream codecs over IP

By Clark Novak on Jul 7, 2012 3:39:00 PM

HelpKris Karb of Clear Channel writes, "Will our two Zephyr XStreams with v.3.7.9p and v.3.7.3p firmware talk over IP?"

Telos Tech support replies, "Yes, the Xstreams will talk over IP. You need to set the INTERFACE in the TEL menu to either RTP or SIP mode, depending on which method you want to use. Then when you press the DIAL button, you will see a field to enter the IP address of the box with which you want to connect. For two way audio, you would need to use the SIP mode.

But, notes Support, this works best on a private IP connection. "Please remember, if you use the Internet as part of the communication path, you take the chance of Internet jitter, dropped packets, etc., causing glitches and possible disconnects that would not occur with Quality Of Service-guaranteed connections, such as ISDN and/or a private QoS-guaranteed network."

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Topics: IP Audio Codecs & Transceivers

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