Axia PowerStation / StudioEngine Just Got More Powerful

By Krissy Rushing on Jan 10, 2018 4:49:08 PM

Axia PowerStation and StudioEngine, which can be used with Axia Fusion consoles as a standalone studio solution or as part of a larger IP-audio network, just got more powerful with the release of software update v3.2 for Fusion Console Mix Engines.

V3.2 has several new features, most notably an automix function that is ideal for situations where you have multiple microphone faders open—for instance during a talk show with multiple guests. Also, the addition of AES67-compliant SIP connection management for unicast allows for the exchange of audio over a high-speed managed WAN using AES67, without purchasing any additional gear.

PowerStation & StudioEngine

"One of the most requested features for Fusion is automatic mic mixing. Multiple mics are the rule in lots of studios these days and the automix feature helps presenters focus on their show and not operating the console," says Marty Sacks, VP of Sales, Support, and Marketing at the Telos Alliance. "Our team worked hard on developing a very capable algorithm and we're excited to bring it to customers. This release also provides full AES67 compliance, so there is a lot here to like!"

For more information on v3.2 for Axia Fusion Mix Engines and to download the new software, visit the PowerStation and StudioEngine product pages.

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