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By Clark Novak on Sep 21, 2023 1:13:08 PM

New Telos Alliance products bring home the trophies

This has been a big year for new product introductions from the Telos Alliance brain trust, and we took an armload of them to IBC 2023. Once the engineers' ideas start flowing, it's hard to hold them back - so we packed up all those bright ideas and brought them with us to Amsterdam to see what you thought of them. Turns out you (and the trade press) were pretty impressed - we brought home 5 Best Of Show awards from 3 major publications.

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First up: Z/IPStream X/20 streaming encoder/processor software, which won a Radio World Best of Show award, and its brother, the rackmount Z/IPStream R/20. Both Z/IPStream products can be had with new Omnia® Forza 5-band audio processing, Nielsen and Kantar watermark encoding for audience measurement, and Déjà Vu, the 5.1 surround sound upmixer from Omnia founder Frank Foti that uses the MPEG-Surround format supported by a wide variety of streaming players.

Z/IPStream X/20

Z/IPStream R/20

The second winner was our Axia® Altus Virtual Mixing Console, which earned two awards: a Best of Show from Radio World, and a Best In Show from RedTech. Altus looks like a real console and works like a real console - because it is a real console, just virtual! You can mix on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones; any device with a modern, HTML5-capable browser.
Axia Altus

Besides accommodating both on-premises and off-premises hosting using non-proprietary hardware, Altus has gained attention because of its sheer flexibility. Broadcasters are using it for temporary studios, remote broadcasts, talent working from home, and low-cost disaster recovery centers. You can even use it as part of existing AoIP studios to put full-featured mixing capabilities in spaces that won't hold a physical console. 

One of our most exciting new products, Telos Infinity® VIP Virtual Intercom Platform, came home with a Best of Show award from TVTechnology. VIP recently completed an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Foundational Technical Review, underscoring its role as the first fully featured Cloud-based intercom system available to broadcasters.

Infinity VIP

Infinity VIP is groundbreaking because it delivers sophisticated comms to any modern smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet via HTML5 browser or the new Infinity VIP App for Android and iOS devices, and easy panel sharing of pre-configured screens makes collaboration as simple as clicking an email link.

Finally, Omnia® Forza won yet another Radio World Best of Show award for its brand-new approach to software-based multiband audio processing. Forza is purpose-built for HD, DAB, DRM, and streaming audio applications, with all-new AGCs and multiband limiters, Sensus® codec conditioning, and a new LUFS target-driven ITU-R BS.1770 loudness controller. Working together, these tools deliver a consistent, polished audio signature that never sounds over-processed.

Omnia Forza

As powerful as it is, Forza is uniquely easy to use, with “launch point” presets that make it simple to get up and running, and a very intuitive, smart UI that lets anyone take control without a PhD in processing.

So with all of these award-winning new products, what's next from our engineering team? Sign up for our monthly newsletter and you'll be among the first to know!

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