Video: Omnia MPX Node - FM Translator

By Justin Gelske on Oct 12, 2020 12:47:54 PM

Broadcasters have several options for feeding audio to their FM translators. One new option is the Omnia MPX Node, sending the fully processed Composite (MPX) stereo signal over modest IP links. Here's a quick look at a small FM translator with bit-perfect digital audio provided by the Omnia MPX Node. At the originating station, the OmniaSST FM processor prepares the audio, then encodes the Composite MPX signal using Omnia µMPX technology. Transported by Public Internet, this µMPX IP stream arrives at the translator site and is decoded by an Omnia MPX Node. It's output is a perfectly clean and fully processed FM MPX signal for the transmitter's MPX input.

Watch as our own Kirk Harnack takes us through a setup at an FM Translator site in Cleveland, MS. 

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