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Password Reset for Omnia ONE

By Clark Novak on Apr 29, 2011 6:11:00 PM

Folks who've forgotten the passwords to their Omnia ONE processors have been asking how to unlock their units and reset that pass to the factory default. Here's the procedure, but note that the Omnia ONE must be running software version 1.1 (25) or later for this procedure to work. (You can find out what version you're running in the Administrative menu / About screen.)

1) Rremove power from the unit.
2) Remove the top cover and locate jumper JP5.
3) Move the jumper from pins 1-2 (toward the rear of the unit) to pins 2-3 (toward the front ).
4) Power up the unit. Wait until it boots all the way up and the main menu is displayed.
5) Verify that the password has been reset to the factory default. ("omnia")
6) Unplug (remove power from) the unit.
7) Move jumper JP5 back to pins 1-2 (toward the rear of the unit).
8) Re-install the top cover of the unit.

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