Axia Quasar shines in the Netherlands

By Clark Novak on Aug 17, 2023 12:24:00 PM

You've probably seen Axia Quasar XR or Quasar SR mixing consoles at a tradeshow. You might have read about Quasar on our website, or maybe even watched a video, but there's nothing quite like hearing about a console from someone who's using it themselves.

Axia Quasar at Omrop Fryslân

Recently our partners in the Netherlands, Triple Audio, shared quotes from a recent article in AV-Entertainment.NL from their client, Omrop Fryslân, an important voice in the Netherlands since 1988, whose three Quasar mixing consoles (one XR, two SR) are used for both TV and radio applications.

Omrop Fryslân Broadcast Engineer Martin Wijbenga told the magazine "Not only does (Quasar) look sleek, the workflow is right, and it sounds wonderful with good EQ and great dynamics!" 

But Wijbenga's enthusiasm goes deeper than just the console, beautiful as it may be: he's in love with the way everything works together seamlessly.

In the article, Wijbenga points out some of the advantages of the Livewire+ ecosystem. For example, the three Quasar mixing desks integrate perfectly with the station's Telos Infinity IP Intercom system, an important part of both radio and TV workflows. "Sources are available everywhere... routing is very easy to do right on the console, without the need for all kinds of separate applications, but by adding Axia Pathfinder to the network you can go all the way and create custom control panels too," he says. This sort of connectedness results in tight workflows that makes operators happy.

To read more, read an excerpt in English, or the full article in Dutch.

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