Zero To Studio In Just 2 Weeks!

By The Telos Alliance Team on Feb 21, 2024 5:29:47 PM

Netherlands' Triple Audio Puts Axia To Work at Radio4All

Recently we heard something quite amazing from our partners in the Netherlands, Triple Audio: they'd built a client new broadcast studios, ready for air, in just two weeks' time! How in the world is this possible? They've given us permission to share their story - read on! (The following is edited; to read the original, click here.)

From concept to LIVE in just 2 weeks!

Radio4All, Amsterdam

Delivering a studio setup within two weeks may sound impossible. However, Radio4All needed a temporary studio in Amsterdam-Oost to start producing broadcasts as quickly as possible, and the Triple Audio team was eager to take on the challenge.

Radio4All, as you might expect from the name, is a station with a little something for everyone. Listeners can expect a large range of creators, music and topics; Radio4All wants to give a platform to creators who don't have a lot of experience in radio. Daniël Nussbaum, operational manager at the station says that "We want to lower the barrier of entry for radio, so that everyone can follow their dreams."

Experimenting with Axia Quasar

Even though these initial studios would be temporary, it was clear from the start that Radio4All wanted to experiment with the latest technology. According to Nussbaum, their goal is to create the studio of the future. Triple Audio's solution: the Axia Quasar SR AoIP mixing console, because of its flexibility, workflow options, and dashing good looks! Because Quasar (like all Axia equipment) uses an all-IP infrastructure, it was the perfect choice for a setup that needed to be built quickly.

Radio4All uses Visual Radio, delivered by Jeroen van der Plank from AIGU, so even the temporary studios had to look good on the live stream. So Triple Audio delivered a temporary setup with the same quality as a permanent studio, with a height-adjustable table custom-built to fit the Quasar console for the clean look they wanted.

After surveying the space itself, Jeroen made a digital rendition of the room, and barely a week passed between submitting the digital drafts and installing everything on-site. Triple Audio's engineers put in relentless effort to deliver the goods in such a short time.

Triple Audio at workRadio4All, Amsterdam

From digital design to complete studios in just two weeks.

Radio4All, Ready For Air

Radio4All's Axia Quasar SR mixing console integrates seamlessly with an Audisi ONE GML Playout system, and the Visual Radio system can be controlled through the console as well. For phone callers, a Telos VXs Virtual VoIP system with Telos VSet6 controllers was installed. The guest table includes a tablet PC which acts as a streamlined control surface, giving the DJ's all the controls they need to create their broadcasts.

Not everyone needs to put a complete broadcast studio on the air in just 14 days - but isn't it nice to know that you could, thanks to the ease-of-installation of the Axia AoIP system and Quasar mixing consoles? Contact us to learn more.

You can hear (and see!) Radio4All on-the-air at and click through the slide-show below for a complete look at these wonderful studios.

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  • Preliminary studio design
    Studio design mockup
  • Fabrication
    Building the furniture
  • Operator's Position
    Operator's Position
  • Guest table
    Guest table with remote control
  • Flush-mount Quasar SR console
    Flush-mount Quasar SR console
  • radio4all_on-air
    2 weeks from start, to studio!