Video: Building the Virtual Airchain (Pro Audio and Radio Tech Summit 2021)

By Telos Alliance Staff on May 20, 2021 1:13:34 PM

As part of 2021's Pro Audio and Radio Tech Summit, Telos Alliance CTO Greg Shay got a chance to present alongside other industry experts for a session on 'Building the Virtual Airchain.'

Radio is adopting new technologies and practices from the IT industry for its own success. What exactly does a 'virtual airchain' mean for radio? Which functions are already available in software? How has virtualization changed disaster recovery and backup functions? What are the implications of the SaaS model on radio business operations? What are the NAB Radio Technology Committee and manufacturers working on next? And how has the pandemic experience changed or accelerated these trends? This session dives into all these questions and more.

You can view the Building the Virtual Airchain session video below.

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