Hope Media Upgrade with VOLT and ARC

By Justin Gelske on Nov 19, 2020 2:04:22 PM

Quarantined radio and TV audiences are demanding more and more from broadcasters in terms of audio quality; audiences want sounds as clear and consistent as the pictures they see on screen. And so it was that Hope Media, one of Kenya’s largest Christian broadcast networks, sought to update their FM radio and digital TV on-air sound.

(Article shared from Jesus Mantoo with AVC Group – Africa)


hope media 1Hope Media turned to Telos Alliance who duly offered the Linear Acoustic ARC digital TV processor and the Omnia VOLT FM processor: Both units present easy-to-use front panel controls with all the sophistication hidden in a 1 RU enclosure…and boast of the loud, yet smooth sound associated with Telos Alliance broadcast processors.

hope media 2Setting up the Omnia VOLT in the Hope.FM CTA.

Asked why they turned to ARC and the Omnia Volt, Hope Media Technical Services Manager Eng. Theo Mugambi (pictured) says: "The ARC and the Omnia VOLT represent the cutting edge as far as digital on-air processing technologies are concerned. In a 1RU package, you get a loud, clear on air sound… a well-engineered, easy-to-use product that does its job transparently. The technical back up by the AVC Group here in Kenya is impeccable.

The units are networkable and AoIP compatible! We can manage our settings, and fine tune our on-air audio using simple browser screens over the network. In one incredible move, both our TV and FM on-air audio processing is up to date!”

hope media 3The ARC is on the air...

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