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By The Telos Alliance Team on Sep 26, 2019 10:42:03 AM

The Telos Alliance at IBC 2019 In Pictures

IBC 2019 is in the books; and what a wild ride it was! In case you missed it (or if you just want to reminisce), we put together this picture blog to bring you on the journey that was the Telos Alliance at IBC 2019. Enjoy these highlights and some of our favorite moments from the show below!


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Kicking Off the Show in Style

Telos Alliance kicked off IBC 2019 with bold new booth graphics and a well-attended press conference that got everyone excited about all the new broadcast audio solutions for both TV and Radio. New introductions to this international audience included: Omnia MPX Node, exciting new developments to the Telos Infinity IP intercom platform, Telos Alliance SDI AoIP Node, Linear Acoustic LA-5300 Broadcast Audio Processor, LA-5291 Professional Audio Encoder, and, drumroll please, the new flagship console from Axia, Quasar


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Announcing the Newest Star in Axia Consoles

The buzz was palpable throughout the entire show, with the Telos Alliance consistently drawing huge crowds, largely to get a peek at our latest and greatest—the Axia Quasar AoIP mixing console. This console features an amazing industrial design with built-in touchscreen and awesome new programming features. With Quasar, we've taken the best of what we've learned as the inventor of AoIP for broadcast and channeled this 6th-generation technology into a very sleek package. Learn about it here. 


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Processing and Encoding and Intercom, Oh My! 

We had several new TV products introduced at IBC 2019. Here, on the left, you can catch a glimpse of the Linear Acoustic ARC TV loudness processor, which has the right features and the right sound, at the right price, as well as the new Telos Alliance SDI AoIP Node and Linear Acoustic LA-5291 pro audio encoder. On the right is our Infinity IP Intercom rack, which includes the new Infinity Link for site-to-site connectivity.


19_09_13__MG_9314 19_09_13__MG_9315

There's Still No Comparison When it Comes to the Best On-Air Sound

Omnia had some updates on display at the IBC booth, including a new version of Omnia.11 software that includes v2 of Frank Foti's lauded Pepino clipper. Omnia always draws a crowd at the show, and this year was no exception! The new Omnia MPX Node was demo'd at the show, extending the power of IP from the studio to the transmitter, with data rates as low as 320 kbps using the µMPX™ codec! 

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Jünger Joins the Telos Alliance Party

The Telos Alliance is now the exclusive worldwide distributor of Jünger Audio–branded solutions. And we showed that relationship in practice at IBC 2019, with lots of cool Jünger products on display. Check out our Jünger page here for more info on these products. 


TV Technology Captures the Action

John Schur was interviewed by Tom Butts at TV Technology on next-gen audio, immersive audio, and other trends. Watch the video below to learn about all the exciting trends in TV Audio and how Telos Alliance is meeting broadcasters' needs with the right TV solutions.




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Axia Quasar Steals the Show (and a Best of Show Award!)

Putting a pretty bow on the entire show, Axia Quasar won Future's Best of Show Award from Radio World. A rewarding experience for a product we at the Telos Alliance couldn't be more excited about. 

Stay tuned for more news and views on Telos Alliance new products launched at the show, and we'll see you at next year's IBC, if not sooner! 


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