GOOOOOAL! AIXpressor Helps Pro Soccer Score Big In Italy

By Clark Novak on Sep 14, 2023 5:52:58 PM

Multiple games in multiple languages? No problem.

2,400 square meters of studio space. 16 sports commentary booths, 24 editing stations and 3 post-production studios feeding a Master Control room that sends content to multiple broadcast networks in multiple languages - this is the International Broadcast Centre of Italy's Lega Serie A Football (that's Soccer to us Yanks), the biggest sport in the country that gave us Ferrari, chianti and Michelangelo.


The IBC is an impressive facility, home to more than 80 technicians and production personnel, and connected to the 17 Serie A stadiums via dual 10 Gbps fiber-optic links. Here's a short video from facility integrator EI-Towers:

One of the technical cornerstones of this busy facility is the Jünger Audio™ AIXpressor, the linchpin that helps streamline the process of assembling and distributing games with live commentary streams in multiple languages, to multiple geographical locations, every single game day.


AIXpressor is a versatile 1RU audio processing tool. It supports multiple I/O formats (digital, analog, and AoIP), and provides advanced dynamics processing including automatic level control, voice processing, and an automatic voice-over mixer - all features that Lega Serie A needed for their commentary system.

Telos-Alliance_JungerAIXpressor_Case-Study-1Seven AIXpressors are installed in the Broadcast Centre, each featuring channel strips to automate workflows. Audio from the stadium is de-embedded from SDI; commentators' audio is received via Dante connections, and then fully automated voice-over mixers inside the Jünger flexAI software create mixes autonomously, which are then re-embedded into SDI streams to feed live broadcasts and for use in-game highlights in multiple languages.

For an in-depth look at how this wizardry works, download the free Case Study PDF, here.

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