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By The Telos Alliance Team on Sep 20, 2021 11:09:20 AM

Milele FM Amp Up Their Sound with Omnia.9

Telos Alliance’s Omnia.9 dramatically improves Milele FM's on-air sound with powerful and flexible audio processing. This user story comes courtesy of AVC Group—Africa. (1 Minute Read)

IMG20210701142819Unboxing the new audio processor with engineers Korir, Matasi and Barmasai

Milele FM is one of Kenya’s most vibrant, competitive and listened to national radio stations…a proud member of Media Max’s stable of award-winning radio and TV products. As part of the ongoing refresh process to the on-air sound, the engineering team sought a tool that would dramatically improve the on-air FM sound texture. Media Max engineers turned to Telos Alliance who duly offered the Omnia.9 for powerful, flexible on-air radio processing.

The Omnia.9 gives MileleFM a new winning sound with Dynamic RDS included

Asked why Media Max turned to the Omnia.9, engineer Vincent Korir (pictured in the purple shirt above) says, “The Omnia.9 is the natural choice for a national radio network that desires a class-leading sound on air. It is also a well-engineered, easy-to-use on-air processor that does its job transparently and powerfully. The unit is networkable and allows us an infinite array of audio adjustments to tailor our sound down to what our listeners expect: a loud, clear, easily intelligible sound. Nothing is lost. Every sound sparkles and thunders. Most of all, the Omnia.9 has built in tools for RDS, on-air streaming, distortion-cancelling and comprehensive signal monitoring… and the support offered locally by the AVC Group is simply phenomenal!”

Interested in learning more about the Omnia.9? Send us a message and our team will help guide you in the right direction for your audio processing journey.

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