Omnia.9 Gets Major Sonic Update, New Features

By Krissy Rushing on Aug 30, 2018 10:43:03 AM

Back in April, we started building and shipping new Omnia.9 units with some important hardware and OS-level changes, running on a major new software release—v3.18.99. A year in the making, software v3.18.99 is the biggest sonic leap forward since the Omnia.9 was released! If you thought the 9 sounded amazing already, just wait until you hear the improvements.



Omnia.9 Sounds Better than Ever, All Users Win

We did a major rewrite to the audio engine, including a sonic overhaul with new clippers for FM and AM. We added phase correction with Mono Bass to reduce multi-path distortion. A new, fully rewritten streaming engine now supports Shoutcast 2 and lossless streaming, and we've included an Integrated internal stream server. Preset switching is now seamless, even between presets with major structural differences! Shared processing paths for AM+HD units allows them to share a watermark encoder. 

With 3.18.99 you also have the option to add µMPX encoding, making the Omnia.9 hardware processor the first to support this revolutionary codec, offering full composite MPX over a 320kbps pipe. Finally, improved internal performance, including lower latency, monitoring, and RDS improvements are all part of the total 3.18.99 package. All of this results in the best sound you've heard from Omnia.9, ever. This software is available NOW for FREE to our most important listeners, our customers.



But v3.18.99 did more than just make the sonic wonder that is the 9 sound more wondrous. It provided low-level support for important new functions and options (already shipping in new units) that can be added via a factory upgrade to existing Omnia.9s. Dubbed "MKII", this platform upgrade enables Livewire+ AES67 for even more flexible I/O, as well as optional Kantar Watermarking (sold separately) for our friends in France.

Again, to get this extended capability, the Omnia.9 MKII platform upgrade is needed (performed by qualified Telos service centers), and is available now.

Contact your dealer to get started upgrading your 9, and bring your older unit up to the same specs as the new Omnia.9s we are shipping today.

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