Omnia MPX Node Premieres at NAB 2019

By Justin Gelske on Apr 12, 2019 2:04:38 PM

NAB 2019 held a lot of excitement, innovation, and promise for the future of audio, and that was reflected greatly in the Telos Alliance booths for both Radio and Television. NAB is a wrap, but we wanted to take a moment to shine a light on one of the newest breakthroughs for Telos Alliance that made its debut at the show: the much-anticipated Omnia MPX Node.

DC_Omnia MPX Node_Stack-1

The Next Advancement in AoIP

The Telos Alliance revolutionized the modern broadcast facility with the invention of Audio over IP. We proudly extend the AoIP revolution we began in the studio out to the transmitter with the Omnia MPX Node.

Like its namesake—the classic Axia xNode—Omnia MPX Node is a building-block technology that helps stations leverage the growing power and capability of data networking. The Omnia MPX Node is the first purpose-built hardware codec capable of sending or receiving full FM signals at data rates as low as 320 kbps utilizing the Omnia µMPX™ algorithm, ideal for networks with limited capacity (including IP radios). MPX Node makes peak-controlled L/R baseband, stereo pilot, and RDS data routable from a studio to one or many FM transmitters.

 IMG_0014 2

 Omnia MPX Node at NAB 2019, shown here with the Omnia VOLT processor. 

By transporting an FM composite signal rather than left/right audio, broadcasters can keep their on-air processing and RDS encoding at the studio, then deliver a transmission-ready, peak controlled FM multiplex signal directly to an FM transmitter without the need for transmitter-side peak limiting or stereo generation. The MPX Node is available as either an encoder or decoder, and a pair of units creates an end-to-end system.

To put it simply, the Omnia MPX Node preserves all the complex peak limiting, stereo generation, and RDS, as if your FM processor were at the transmitter.

The response so far from our social media feeds? 

"Amazing...finally." —Rob Harling

"Que dicha que ya salió!!!! Es un increíble invento."— Allan Murillo

"Oh YES😃🤟💕"—Russ on Rock

And our personally favorite...

"I already Node it."—Ray Fisher Toney

Stay tuned for shipping dates on this new product and, in the meantime, check out the Omnia MPX Node product page


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