Ask the Omnia Guy: How Do I Get the Same Sound from my Omnia.6 on my 9?

By Paul Kriegler on Mar 12, 2021 10:26:18 AM


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Dear Omnia Guy,

We just replaced our Omnia.6 with an Omnia.9 and we'd like to use the same preset from our Omnia.6. Can we do this?

Dear engineer,

The simple answer is "no." However, there is something we CAN do. You may send us your Omnia.6 preset, and we will try and craft a preset for your 9 that gets close to the sound of your 6. There's always an Omnia.6 somewhere in Cleveland that we can race against our other processors. Yet, we can't promise too much. At the root level, there are no similarities between an Omnia.6 and an Omnia.9. At all.

Omnia.9 high-rez
From having been a programmer, I can understand how someone's ears can get used to or "normalize" a particular sound. I can assure you that, for the same amount of given loudness, the Omnia.9 can deliver a far cleaner, more open sound than the Omnia.6 can.

For example, let's take a modern Country format. To even begin to get the same sound as your 6, we would have to turn off or bypass the "Undo" feature in your Omnia.9. This bypasses the Perfect Declipper algorithm and expanders, which gives the 9 an advantage over other processors at making hyper-compressed or limited source material have more apparent "openness."

We are here to help you get the sound you want from your processor! Feel free to email us at any time.

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